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Why should you go with PEAK MY PERFORMANCE?

Life Challenges

You have the skills set to succeed and you know what you need to do but somehow things still don’t seem quite right? Consider the following:

  1. The #1 regret on deathbed is “not living a life true to myself”. Are you living the life you want or someone else want you to live?

  2. If you are a doctor, facing sickness and death in your work, how do you manage your emotions and the pain? Does it affect your life?

  3. You know you can achieve what you want but somehow, something is blocking you and you just could not make it.

  4. You feel you are always very unlucky and bad luck is always looking for you.

  5. It seems you always attract the wrong people.

  6. Bad things always repeat in your life.

  7. Why do cancer sufferers still smoke?

  8. Why do doctors (who know better) still eat unhealthily.

  9. Why do we still guzzle Coke, despite the harmful levels of sugar?

Organizational Challenges

Sales performance challenges, profitability challenges, people and company culture challenges. All organizations face similar challenges such as those just mentioned. The organization provides all sorts of skills trainings to train the employees and yet the results don't meet expectations. What is wrong?

Employees are the most valuable asset of an organization. Employees breath life into the organization. If we can move the people, we can shift organization. Let's find out why PEAK MY PERFORMANCE is better in doing this.

Why your brain makes you do stupid things!

Finally! Science explains why we subconsciously work to sabotage ourselves.


Don't do it. Don't do it!
You already knew that when you did, it would turn out badly.
So what did you do? Yup. That's right. You did it any way. Why?

The good news is that science finally answers why we knowingly make bad decisions, why we behave badly despite our best efforts and why we regularly self-sabotage our own efforts. It's our beliefs.

The brain is designed to help us survive. As such, it develops short cuts to save time when making decisions. For example, living in a large family, you had to constantly choose to yell to be heard and to get your way. And it works.

So the brain recognises that this behaviour (right or wrong is NOT a consideration) works for you. Consequently, the brain develops a belief system that says "Yelling at people is the best way for others to understand me and give me what i want". This subconscious belief is a short cut to a lengthy decision making process and you automatically act this way all the time and it's fine for you!

This works great as a kid but as an adult, people view you as obnoxious, bossy and rude and avoid you. And you still have no clue why!

Simply put, we are not in charged!

This is the power of our beliefs. To break free of the cycle, you need to eliminate old and unhealthy beliefs, before you can adopt new and productive ones!

Achieving and exceeding your personal performance goals is a challenge. Even though we may have clear goals , it’s still a struggle to reach them. We are often distracted or have our progress slowed by heavy headwinds of work, family, social and personal obligations. Despite having success in other areas in our lives, it’s frustrating to have glass ceilings that prevent us from going faster and further in our lives. Imagine …

  • What if you could quickly and permanently remove unhealthy habits and beliefs that have been holding you back for years?
  • What if you could replace negative beliefs with affirming values that empower you beyond the ordinary limits?
  • What if you could live your life and build your career or business, without old fears and excuses noisy talking in your head?

Amazingly, we already have the knowledge and technology to make these changes for ourselves. We have the ability to peak our performance in minutes, not years!




“For twenty years, my research has shown that the view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value.”


Dr. Carol Dweck

Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and Author of ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’.

“Consequently, we work best when as much of what we are doing can be delegated to the unconscious mind as possible”


Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson

Motivational psychologist and author, “Succeed,” “Nine Things Successful People Do Differently” and “Focus”

What does the research finally reveal?

Recent breakthroughs in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience have shown us that skill training is only part of the answer to creating consistent, breakthrough performance. Skills are the buildings but we have missed creating the firm foundations that it can be anchored to. As a result, we attend seminars after seminars, training after training and in a matter of days or weeks, we rubber-band back to our old, uninspired default state.

So, can we really change this? Or are we once again on the endless treadmill of upgrading?

The good news is that the answers to creating breakthrough performance for ourselves and our teams is already available. The answer that you seek is to focus on aligning our Subconscious Brain to the intentions of our our Conscious Brain.

“Your Conscious Brain is like a poodle sitting on an elephant. It doesn’t matter how loud it yelps, it has no real power over the elephant (your Subconscious Brain). The elephant has its own objectives and has no problem ignoring our tiny barks of instruction” Fred Then, former Director of Entrepreneurship Training, Nanyang technological University of Singapore.

Exactly how big is our subconscious?



The Peak My Performance Approach combines both Skills set and Mindsets to help individuals and organisations to achieve and peak their performance in all areas of their life and organization.

The Peak My Performance Approach utilises the recent discoveries from Social Psychology, Neuroscience and Energy Psychology in a two phase approach to create lasting performance shifts.

From the recent studies by neuroscientists, we finally realise that our Subconscious Brain can either be a power engine for future successes or a continuing hindrance. In order to get the Subconscious Brain aligned with our Conscious desires, we have to remove old, unhealthy or outdated habits and replace them with success habits that operate automatically and with little conscious effort. Imagine having success habits that consistently allow you to identify and achieve your goals with less effort and stress. It’s like rolling a ball down the hill!

How It Works?

Here's our secret (seriously).


Change your inner game

Current thinking assumes that more knowledge or the right skills gets you to next success. That's crap. You cannot solve the problem at the same level as the problem. We've found that eliminating your negative beliefs is the fastest way to get positive and permanent changes in your life and your career.

Getting the right mindset

Knowledge is the easiest thing to acquire in today's world.
Yet people still fail. Why?

Steve Job (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin), Akio Morita (Sony) succeeded because they had the mindsets which allowed them to create and persevere. We'll teach you how to acquire these right mindsets.

Practice, practice & practice!

You don't get to be a world class sprinter by thinking about it.

It's all about hard work and having a routine that allows you to practice and master the skills needed so that you can CREATE your own success!


Maybe this isn't as weird as it sounds. But we'll provide you with opportunities to teach what you have learnt. Teaching a subject is a proven brain hack to ensure that you internalise your knowledge/skill ... and it is a great way to pay it forward!

The 1st step in the above methodology is critical. We use the following 4 steps process to help people change their mind set.



We identify the “big” habits that block or sabotage our performances.


We permanently release these habits or emotions via a process of energy psychology.


Powerful page options offer greater control over each page/post, allowing each one to have their own custom settings.


We train individuals on techniques that allow them to maintain these new and productive habits.

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